Tartarus follows a team of passionate cavers exploring the caves of Tasmania’s Florentine Valley. They are searching for one of the most inaccessible places in Australia, the Junee Florentine Master Cave.

The Florentine Valley is known for its spectacular old growth forests, but beneath the surface lies a hidden world unknown to most – hundreds of small vertical holes in the forest floor lead to a labyrinth of caves, among them the deepest in Australia that attracts hard-core adventurers wanting to put themselves to the test. There are parts that are well explored, but there are also vast areas of virgin territory, the Holy Grail for cavers. For sixty odd years, one cave in particular has eluded all who attempt to find it.

The cavers and cave divers will descend into the deep abyss of the Florentine Valley and wind their way through sumps and streams, squeezing through unbelievably tight pockets, leaving a guide rope behind them – in their quest to break into new sections of Master Cave.

Tartarus is the first feature film developed and produced by Crow’s Nest Media, still in production we hope to have it out some time in 2019.